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:: RSA forms from all stations in EZ haven't reached yet at Zonal office. All Unit Secretary or Co-ordinator please check and send a scanned copy to '' or Post-Box 2713, GPO, Kolkata. ::

* * URGENT ATTENTION * * All ARTEE UNIT SECRETARIES are instructed to collect RE-VERIFICATION FORM duly filled by members within FEB'18 & LPT U.S. send those to respective DMC CO-ORDINATOR * * All ARTEE CO-ORDINATORS & STATE SECRETARIES please look after the matter at earliest * *

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  For Kolkata Guest House booking, Contact: Mr.RANJAN KUSHARI, O/o CE- Golfgreen, Ph-9433061540, e-mail: new
  POST BOX NO- 2713, G.P.O., KOLKATA - 1 is active now for ARTEE (E/Z), Postbox Co-ordinator: Mr. GOPAL PANJA, AIR Kolkata, Ph- 09874473135 new

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